Op 24 september 2020 vindt onze eerste fysieke conferentie plaats voor software developers: Codesmiths Unite!

Dit gaat we doen door middel van een drive-in bioscoop Amerikaanse style; milkshakes worden uitgedeeld door Marilyn Monroe en hamburgers door Elvis Presley. Kom dus vooral in je oldtimer! Tijdens deze conferentie delen de Codesmiths hun kennis. Codesmiths spreken op vele conferenties over de hele wereld en komen 1x per jaar bij elkaar op deze speciale avond.


  • 17:00 uur binnenkomst
  • 17:30 uur entertainment
  • 18:00 uur opening Koen Aerts
  • 18:15 uur Edwin Derks - Optimize your applications to the max with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile
  • 19:00 - 19:15 uur break
  • 19:15 uur Jan Ouwens - Just enough Computer Science for the busy developer
  • 20:00 uur Bjorn Schijff - How we automated our Angular updates

When using complementary tools for optimal utilization in containers and scalable infrastructures, you can achieve optimal value when developing and running enterprise software. This applies whether you are building monoliths, microservices or anything in between. Jakarta EE's programming model and application server runtimes are a perfect fit to achieve this goal, especially when complemented with Eclipse MicroProfile. In this talk, I will explain how to tailor and optimize such enterprise applications to the max in order to achieve optimal value and development experience. I will also compare some key concepts with competitors like Spring Framework to emphasize the benefits and downsides.

I studied Computer Science so you don't have to! A CS degree is not a requirement for software developer roles. Nor should it be! I have worked with biologists, psychologists, and even a historian, who all were excellent coders. And that's great! Diversity of thought leads to better software, after all. Still, there are some super useful CS fundamentals that will make you a better programmer, but that you may not pick up on the job. This talk gives an overview of some of these fundamentals, and introduces you to the remarkable people who came up with them. They ended wars, sent rockets to the moon, were made into Lego minifigs. Who said computer science is boring?

Upgrading your Angular applications is quite easy with the Angular CLI. We have been faithfully upgrading to major releases usually within a week of release, without hesitation or issues since Angular 4. This process has been delightful. You get a compile error with some breaking changes and maybe there's some manual work to be done, but other than that, it's been quite effortless and easy to maintain. So much so, that we have automated our Angular upgrade process using our CI solution.

Drive-in bios: Ordina, Ringwade 1, Nieuwegein

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